About us

years experience in scale reduction solutions for drinkable water
years expertise in water based surface treatment solutions for metal surfaces
million m³ of water treated every year.
million m² of metal surfaces treated yearly with Kelate® or Actan®
countries covered by our network.


The company is created by Mr Mr Malcolm Pugh to distribute chemical specialities sourced from the UK on the Belgian market.


Launch of the production in Belgium of our Pugh Micromet® scale reducers.


Acquisition of the Tubilite® water softeners from Fabelta Tubize.


International expansion in surface treatment markets with the Kelate® range : reactive rust conversion coat for steel.


In 1990 PUGH & Co. International introduced ACTAN®GS, the first launch in a family of environmentally friendly water borne surface treatment/wash primer products designed for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


We move into our new offices and facilities at the Arsenal.


Start-up of the filling line for ACTAN® et KELATE® : from 100ml to 5L.


First ISO 9001 certification.


Introduction of waterborne epoxy curing agents ACTAN®DU for metal protection are new advances in waterborne coating technology with low environmental impact. Combined with liquid and solid epoxy resins, they offer outstanding advantages such as wet adhesion to metallic substrates.


We launch our first eshop (www.PughShop.be) for Pugh Micromet®.


Development of our range of Tubilite® industrial water softeners.


Investment in a new filling line for our Kelate products in small packaging (100ml to 1L)


Major investment in the construction of a new building (2 200 m2) on the Jaurdinia industrial park in Mont-St-Guibert.

The move of our workshops, offices and head office is planned for the summer of 2023.

Pugh & Co International, founded in 1947, is a privately-owned company for production and service to industry, operating in three divisions working on base of ISO 9001 quality management system.

Respecting the environment is a priority target within our three development segments:

  1. The protection of metallic surfaces by means of surface treatments and coatings, which are free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). This is a new technology using only water as solvent.Kelate® and Actan® are high performance products used for the passivation and the improvement of adhesion on metallic surfaces with difficult characteristics, such as galvanised steel.The surface treatments and coatings, that we develop and produce, have a very low content of volatile organic compound in relation with the existing regulations. The characteristics of our products are allowing removing the constraints related to the VOC control. When reducing to zero the risks for the user, we participate to the protection of the operator and the environment.
  2. Water treatment against scale and corrosionThe production of the Tubilite® range of appliances for water softening is an extension of our long experience with polyphosphates and the PUGH scale reducers. This activity has grown up with addition of the ion exchange technology.
  3. The distribution in partnership with renowned producers of natural extracts and chemical specialties for industry.

ISO 9001 Certification

Pugh & Co International has received ISO 9001 certification since 2005 for its activities related to the production and distribution of fine chemicals.