Natural Chemical Specialities

Since more than 70 years we distribute natural chemical specialities in Benelux. Our principals are producers who are leaders in their fields and operate via a network of exclusive agents.

Our key principals include leading companies such as:

Food and drink

  • Pido-Zinc®-Pido-Calcium®-Pido-Fer®-Pido-Magnesium®-Pido-Potassium®
  • BioEcolians® -ProNutril®-Sootheskin-Syrup of Yacon by Group Solabia
  • Tannic acid- Gallic acid- Propyl Gallate
  • Hydrocolloids- Tara gum- Sweeteners- Natural and flavouring extracts


  • Brewtan® gallotannins for taste and colloidal stability
  • Alginates foam stabilizer.
  • Natural flavours.
  • Special sugars and wild cherries

Please check our product-list below:

Personal care & cosmetics

  • Fucogel®the S.M.A.R.T. reference
  • Active substances scientifically validated
  • Vegetal extracts by cold pressure under conditions that do not cause denaturing
  • Pidolates association of active molecule and mineral
  • Petroleum jellies- Paraffins- Mineral and non-mineral Gels-Natural and mineral Waxes
  • Peruvian Tara Seed Gum


  • Physio-Esters® interactive esters to protect skin integrity by UCIB Pharma
  • Solabia® nutraceuticals- active physiological carriers of minerals
  • Chondroitin sulphate
  • Gallic acid- Propyl gallate
  • Petroleum jellies EP/DAB/BP/USP and Paraffins


  • Tara powder LQ pure natural vegetable tannin as main or re-tanning agent
  • High quality shellac for binders and insulating products, for primers and protective, stabilizing coatings