Surface treatments

Surface treatments

Environmental policy: more than compliance

Our technology offers more than compliance with regulations by taking the trouble out of controlling V.O.C. emissions.

KELATE®’s and ACTAN®’s are high quality water-borne products that have been developed with new technology and with emphasis on ultra low volatile organic compound (V.O.C.) and near zero safety hazards.

KELATE® – reactive rust conversion coat

The KELATE®’s are highly reactive conversion coatings used for the passivation of residual rust on steel.

ACTAN® – Adhesion primers

ACTAN® are non destructive and safe treatments for difficult substrates like galvanised steel and aluminium.

ACTAN® GS is a water based adhesion primer for treating galvanised and non-ferrous metals. It gives great adhesion prior to the application of a wide range of one and two pack protective paint systems. V.O.C. content is less than 0.1g/litre.

ACTAN® DU is a range of expoxy harderners that takes water dilutable epoxy curing agents to a whole new level for painting on steel as well as on non-ferrous metals.


Rust Passivation Solutions


Steel Adhesion Solutions

Actan® DU

Water dilutable curing agents.