Actan®GS – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on Actan GS

What is Actan GS ?

Actan®GS is a VOC-free long-term adhesion primer based on a synthetic resin system in aqueous emulsion at slightly acidic pH.

It shows perfect wet-dry adhesion with any solvent based coating applied on non-ferrous metals such as hot-dip or electro-galvanised steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, stainless steel.

What is the recommended surface preparation ?

Before application of ACTAN™GS, all traces of grease and mineral oil have to be removed from the surface.

Using white spirit or xylene, a simple rinse or wiping with a damp tissue is sufficient.

Any efficient commercial degreaser based on organic solvents or aqueous detergent solutions can be used.

Newly galvanised steel

  • Degreasing when necessary (e.g.oily surfaces)
  • Solvent or detergent wash using preferably a Nylon-Perlon type sponge (e.g.Scotchbrite®)
  • Steam cleaning
  • In general no surface treatment is necessary neither mechanical nor chemical.

Partially weathered galvanised steel

  • Slight mechanical surface profiling
  • Sweep blasting with abrasive material of Mohs hardness below 5.
  • Wet sanding with abrasive paper or Nylon-Perlon type sponge (e.g.Scotchbrite®).
  • Wet storage stains (white rust) must be removed.

Fully weathered galvanised steel

  • In non aggressive – electrolyte free environment
    Fully weathered galvanized steel has a completely formed zinc patina.
    In this case the only surface preparation needed is a warm power wash to remove loose particles.
  • In industrial – marine environment:
    Mechanical surface profiling, removal of white rust and clean water rinse are necessary. Chemical surface profiling is an option but rinsing is critical to eliminate all residual acids and contaminants.

How does Actan®GS compare to other adhesion primers ?

Thanks to its unique formulation technology, Actan® GS differs from many other adhesion primers on 13 key points:

  1. Overcoatable after only 2 hours at 20°C
  2. Only one coat required
  3. Coating thickness not critical for adhesion
  4. High coverage: 15-18 m² per litre
  5. Smooth and even finish
  6. Touch dry: 15 minutes (30 min ?)
  7. Early rain resistance after +/- 2 hours
  8. No physical or chemical surface profiling required when applied on new steel
  9. Can be applied from 5°C to 30°C
  10. Ultra low VOC (< 0,1g/litre)
  11. Available in 2 standard colours: NH (non hiding) and grey.
  12. Safe to use: non-irritant and odour-free
  13. Long shelf-life (1 year) in original closed packaging